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The following are free web based e-mail services.


GMAIL This is Google's own free webmail service. It features, speed, an excellent anti-spam filter and lots and lots of space.

4.5Gb YES

YAHOO MAIL One of the best and most comprehensive free mail services. With all its features and plenty of webspace it has to rank as one of the best services currently available. Comes complete with a slick Ajax interface. Unlimited YES ......
HOTMAIL The mother of free mail services, it has evolved over the years to a far more stable environment than it was in the begining, however it lacks some of the features that other services offer. Also beware as the account will be suspended and all information in your mailbox will be lost if there is a long period of inactivity.


YES ......
WALLA Very simple and new service, does not offer many additional features, but the webspace available is nice. This is a new service, that hopefully will improve with additional features (such antivirus and spam filters) in the future. It does not seem to limit the size of attachments that it can receive. 1Gb
DIGIVERSE The Free version of Digiverse offers several interesting features, such as antivirus shield, anti spam filters, but beware as innactive account are terminated after a period of inactivity. 25Mb
YES ....
NETAddress Another free webmail service with many options and additional features, including antivirus, antispam filters and autoresponders. 25Mb YES
MAIL.COM This free webmail service offers a choice from a multitude of domain names available. The interface is friendly, but there are not many options available in the free version. 25Mb YES ...
LYCOS MAIL Free Webmail service by Lycos. While the service has some very nice spam fighting add-ons the webspace offered is very limited in comparison to other available services nowdays. 5Mb
IN MAIL Free mail service by IN.gr. Fairly limited in space with some options.. 5Mb YES ..
EASY MAIL Free mail service by the EASY group (Easyjet). It is quite limited in both space and options available. It may be good as an alternate e-mail. 3Mb YES ..
MAIL2WEB This is not a webmail service like the others above. it is more like a tool that allows you to view the contents of any e-mail account through their interface. For instance you can view your ISP's e-mail or company mail through their service from anywhere in the world. N/A