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Greek Search Engine Review
Url : http://www.evresi.gr
Interface language : English
Supported Language(s) : English
Business only search engine. Evresi contains an extensive directory of Greek businesses with a web presence. Search option also allows for queries. The validity of results is high with very few dead or irrelevant links. Evresi seems to list almost exclusively top level domains.
Url : http://www.findlink.gr
Interface languages : Greek - English
Supported Language(s) : English - Greek
A general search engine and directory, listing Greek websites. Search capabilities are extensive and it contains a fair amount of websites.
Url : http://find.in.gr
Interface language : Greek
Supported Language(s) : Greek
Search engine of one of the most popular websites in Greece. Its search facility seems to be based on the trinity engine (same as pathfinder) and produces very similar results. In.gr also contains one of the most comprehensive directories of Greek cyberspace. The only drawback is that it is exclusively in Greek and that it contains several erroneous and double entries.
Url : http://www.robby.gr/
Interface languages : Greek - English
Supported Language(s) : English - Greek
Robby was once the leader in the Greek internet search scene, but it seems to have been partially abandoned as it doesnt seem to get updated recently. It still contains a multitude of websites and still produces good results. Due to the fact that it appears somewhat less regularly updated it seems to several erroneus entries.
Url : http://www.mixer.gr
Interface language : English
Supported Language(s) : English - Greek
Mixer is a metasearch engine, which acquires results from other search engines simultaneously and provides the results in a grouped manner. It currently uses Evresi, FindLink, Phantis and Robby. Due to the fact that it fetches results from a number of other websites it can seem somewhat slower than other search engines at times.
Url : http://www.anazitisis.gr
Interface language : Greek
Supported Language(s) : English - Greek
Anazitisis was created and is maintained by the ISP Otenet. It is a spider type search engine and it displays results according to the content that pages it has indexed displayed. It spans several levels per site (indexing internal pages). Additionally it offers several more advanced search conditions to help the user clarify their searching.
Url : http://www.big.gr/
Interface language : English
Supported Language(s) : English - Greek
BiG is a spider search engine which indexes Greek websites. It does not seem to span into internal webpages of the websites it indexes. Results again as in other spider engines depend on the content of the websites it has indexed. It supports both Greek and English searches producing diferent results accordingly.
Url : http://www.ecofind.gr/
Interface language : English
Supported Language : Greek - English
A robot based search engine which indexes websites that contain information, products or services relating to ecological and environmental content. While the number or website, that conprise its index, is fairly limited, results are assured to be realted to the sunject at hand.