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The following are browsers available for free, each offering its own unique features. These are the most widely used browsers, while there are many other alternative they are not used or tested as heavily.

Name & Description Rating

Mozilla Firefox

Extremely fast broswer, with many features that make it the best performing browser currently out there. It can import bookmarks from internet explorer and in general will behave very similarly to Explorer if you are used to that browser. We highly recomd this one, as its speed and stability make it a sure winner. It is available in many languages and has a load of optional features (plugins) created by the community that you can download. Excellent security architecture and no annoying marketing features attached. It does lack in some small areas of page rendering, with a few glitches in its implementation of Cascading Style Sheets.

HighLight : By far the safest browser currently on the market, and quite fast.
Operating Systems Availability : Windows, Mac, Linux



A not as well known as others Opera does have a small share of the borwser market. Opera is geared much more towards the experienced internet user. It can import features from other browsers and has a good security framework. Speedwise Opera is up there and can compete or even beat almost any other browser. The graphical interface is one that may be an issue for some people, but it does offer very good look/feel customization options, but again this is better handles by an experienced user.

HighLight : Has a realy cool page ZOOM feature, and for the experienced developer you can even make it so that pages will look like what you want them to.
Operating Systems Availability : Windows, Mac, Linux



The mother of browsers, and one time leader of the browser industry, the improvement of Microsoft's Internet explorer weighed very heavily on the Netscape Browsers, and in conjunction with a few versions that behaved less than admirably reposistioned the Netscape browsers far below Internet Explorer in number of users. The latest version however is very stable and quite faster than internet explorer. It is far more compliant with new technologies in web languages than the previous versions, thus making it a very competenet browser. Security is also very well implemented with the latest browser. For the uninitiated user it may be a tad tiresome to remove some of the features that they may find annoying.

HighLight : Very frequent updates which enhance functionality and security.
Operating Systems Availability : Windows, Mac


Microsoft Internet Explorer

If you have not heard of it, then probably you have lived in a cave for years. Its microsoft's own browser that comes bundled with Windows. It has evolved to be a very competent browser, but it is still plagued from various security issues that crop up from time to time. Microsofts, auto-system updating features take care to neutralize these errors though. it is however substantially slower than the 2 browsers above and depending on your system not as stable either, Still it is the most widely used browser of the era with a market share that dwarfs all other browsers combined.

HighLight : In most ways due to its market share it sets the standard by which web pages are created.
Operating Systems Availability : Windows, Mac



Konqueror is a linux browser that is used widely by the linux users community. It has several other features besides internet browsing, such as file management. It is an open source project that is fully compliant with all the standards of the market. This is one of the highest recomended linux based borwsers available.

Operating Systems Availability : Linux



Lynx is a text only browser, originaly developed for Unix Platforms, but has been extended to other systems as well.

Operating Systems Availability : Unix, Windows



Safari is a Mac browser, developed by Apple corporation and is one of the most widely used browsers on the Mac Platform. It is a robust system that features a wealth of functionality and is the best option currently available to mac users. The best alternative though is Firefox.

Operating Systems Availability : Mac



Mosaic is one of the oldest browsers still used by internet surfers. It was developed by the National Center for Superconduction Applications. It is now quite obsolete and isnt updated much anymore, but many hardcore internet oldtimers still swear by it. Still it must be maintained that Mosaic is one of those special programs that made a huge diference in the internet and contributed to the wide success of the web like few other things have. While we wouldn't recomend it for current events, it is still a landmark that you can visit and examine and maybe get a glimpse of the past. Microsoft Internet Explorer was originaly based on this browser.

Operating Systems Availability : Windows, Mac, Linux