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2004  The United States lifted a travel ban to Libya which had been in effect for 23 years.
1995  The Barings Bank investment banking firm collapsed after one of its brokers, Nick Leeson, lost $1.4 billion by speculating on the Singapore International Monetary Exchange. Barrings was the United Kingdom's oldest investment banking firm.
1993  In New York City, a truck bomb was detonated outside the North Tower of the World Trade Center, killing 6 and injuring over a thousand.
1991  Iraqi troops withdrew from Kuwait after 208 days of occupation.
1991  The first ever web browser, Worldwide Web, was released by Tim Berners-Lee who is credited as one of the inventors of the world wide web.
1954  Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was born in Istanbul.
1953  American singer, Michael Bolton, was born in Connecticut.
1932  American musician, Johnny Cash, was born in Arkansas. He was one of the pioneers of rock 'n' roll music and is considered as one of the most important musicians in the history of American pop music.
1870  The New York City subway was opened to the public. It was the first subway system in the United States. The London subway (the Underground) had began operations 7 years earlier in 1863.
1852  American physician, John Harvey Kellogg, was born in New York. He was an advocate of vegetarianism, and is most known for the invention of the corn flake cereal and along with his brother founded the company that his brother later developed into the Kellogs corporation.
1846  American frontiersman, Buffalo Bill, was born in Iowa. He was one of the most well known figures of the American west.
1829  German born fashion designer, Levi Strauss, was born in Franconia, Bavaria. In 1847 he emigrated with his family to the United States. In 1853 he founded the Levi Strauss & Co. clothing company.
1815  Napoleon Bonaparte escaped from his imprisonment in the island of Elba.
1802  French writer, Victor Hugo, was born in Besancon. He is generally accepted as the greatest romantic writer of the 19th century, having written such classic novels as Les Miserables and Notre-Dame de Paris.