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2003  The third part of the movie trilogy, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, was released around the world. The third instalment was the second highest grossing movie of all time, behind the Titanic.
1989  The first episode of the animated series, The Simpsons, premiered on the FOX channel. Still running today (2006), it is one of the most successful television shows ever produced.
1983  An IRA bomb exploded inside the Harrods Department Store in London, resulting in the death of seven people.
1981  NATO's deputy chief of staff, Brigadier General James L. Dozier, was abducted by members of the Red Brigade terrorist group in Verona, Italy. He was freed 42 days later after by members of the Italian anti-terrorism unit.
1970  In Gdynia, Poland, soldiers fired upon and killed hundreds of workers who were engaged in anti-communist protests.
1961  India seized the territory of Goa from Portugal.
1953  American actor, Bill Pullman, was born in Hornell, New York. He is most remembered for his participation in the highly successful movie, Independence Day.
1935  The first ever flight of a Douglas DC-3 airplane took place. It is considered as one of the most significant aircraft ever created.
1903  The Wright Brothers made their first powered flight in the Wright Flyer at North Carolina, USA.
1901  Austrian-born actor and director, Lee Strasberg, was born in Budaniv, Austria (now Ukraine). In 1949, he began teaching at the Actors Studio in New York City. Some of his students were Paul Newman, Al Pacino, Marilyn Monroe, Jane Fonda, James Dean, Dustin Hoffman and Robert DeNiro.